Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writing on the Tonya Craft Trial At My Other Blog

I have not made as many posts as usual here at KIW because I have been intensely following the trial of Tonya Craft at my other blog. She is being tried for allegedly molesting three young girls, including her daughter.

However, as I follow the trial and how it came about, it has become utterly obvious to me that this is a sham. The "investigators" who supposedly interviewed these children were absolutely unqualified and in most states would not be permitted to testify as expert witnesses at all. Furthermore, if one remembers the infamous child molestation hoaxes that swept this country about 20 years ago, causing untold human destruction, as well as the Duke Lacrosse hoax of four years ago, you will then understand the dynamics of this particular trial.

I have been writing on this case for a couple of weeks, and I will admit that it is taking huge blocks of time, not to mention emotion and about everything else. Yet, I believe it is important, because what we are seeing is state-sponsored judicial terrorism at work. The State of Georgia has been suborning perjury, prosecution witnesses on the stand SUDDENLY REMEMBER all sorts of damaging things that they conveniently had "forgotten" to tell investigators before the trial began.

This memory "recovery" has happened time and again and it occurs because the judge, Brian House, and the prosecutors, Chris Arnt and Len Gregor, have encouraged it. What people are witnessing is a crooked trial, and it is happening in real time.

So, while it is going on, I won't be making as many posts here at KIW, even though I know Paul Krugman will be saying outrageous things that should be answered. Nonetheless, I hope all of you will bear with me. Thanks.

And make sure you read the blog.

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