Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Economist or Political Operative?

You will notice that I rarely offer criticism of Paul Krugman's material when he is being directly partisan. The reason is that I believe that one can be a political operative or an economist, but when an economist becomes a pure shill for a political party, then whatever he or she writes on that subject is not worth reading.

I will continue to make comments on actual policy prescriptions and Krugman's view of the economy, but I am not going to take political sides and defend the undefendable.


Dennis said...

Good strategy, Bill. That's why I like your blog so much. I almost never watch Fox News or any of the Mainstream Media networks because I simply can't stand the incessant mindless cheerleading for one side or the other. "Liberals=bad" and "Conservatives=good" and vice versa are false choices and I refuse to be drawn into a pointless debate over them.

William L. Anderson said...

And while this blog deals mostly with Krugman, nonetheless, there will be some Romney-in-Wonderland stuff I will write, too. An equal opportunity annoyer (to quote my good friend John Sophocleus).