Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Appearance on Freedom Watch

Here is the link to my appearance in Judge Andrew Napolitano's "Freedom Watch." We discuss the recent statements by Paul Krugman. I appear at about the five-minute-mark in Part II, which is linked here.

I tried to download this video directly, but was unsuccessful.


Anonymous said...

I like how Napolitano jumps up and down on his chair.

Bob Roddis said...

Thanks to the marvels of the new free RealPlayer and its video trimmer, I've trimmed the Freedom Watch segment to 4:55:

I thought the shooting was caused by Krugman calling us Zombies. Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

So what did we learn from this episode of 'Freedom Watch'?

1)Sarah Palin does not understand English
2)Rand Paul is an even bigger hyporcrit than once thought
3)William Anderson is not an economist, but just a political hack
4)Napolitano is naive fool living in a bubble.

Good thing at least one leader has the guts to rise above the nonsense.

Bob Roddis said...


We're still waiting for you to show the slightest familiarity with basic Austrian theory.

Did anyone notice that:

1. Our opponents are always incoherent but venomous.

2. The shooter was incoherent but venomous. Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

Nash said...

I agree...Anderson consistently accuses Krugman of being a partisan instead of an academic, however he seems to want nothing more than to emulate his pundit success by writing a partisan blog and appearing on partisan talk shows.

I congratulate Professor Anderson on his recent TV appearance and the success of his blog, but he's just a hard-right wing version of Krugman...not really a true academic.

Daniel Hewitt said...

Freedom Watch is not partisan. Watch/listen to the show or read one of the Napolitano's books and you would know that.

Bob Roddis said...

Our new crowd of lesser commenters confuses the concept of "partisan" with "having a point of view".


ekeyra said...

"Good thing at least one leader has the guts to rise above the nonsense"

Obama is merely the vassel for the font of all wisdom and clarity. His teleprompter.

"Our new crowd of lesser commenters confuses the concept of "partisan" with "having a point of view". "

I think whats lost on them is the nuance of having an opinion based on facts versus mangling facts to support your opinion.

Skrag said...

Both of the programs below work quite well to download videos.

William L. Anderson said...

I know there is a way to put the videos on directly, but I kept screwing it up. I'm just not smart enough or tech savvy enough.

My larger issue with Krugman is that he is making these claims with the authority that comes with winning a Nobel. It is: "I have a Nobel. Therefore, I know more about everything than you do."

Anonymous said...

I am just being nitpicky, Professor Anderson, but Krugman is not a Nobel winner.

He is a Sveriges Riksbank prize winner. Nobel is meant for science only. The Sveriges Riksbank prize is awarded by the directors of Sweden's central bank to economists. Since these are central bankers, they prefer wonkish characters.

As it is, the Sveriges Riksbank has no problems giving prizes to one of its own, as happened when Gunnar Myrdal decided to award himself a prize. To balance it out, it was also awarded to Hayek, an outsider. What a joke! And then the Sveriges Riksbank director, Myrdal, used this chance to berate Hayek on stage.

The Sveriges Riksbank is an organization of absolutely no prestige, NONE. Would you feel excited if you received the St. Louis Federal Reserve Prize?

Anonymous said...

(In before the progressives claim that Frostburg is not a legitimate university.)

Mike Cheel said...

"I am just being nitpicky, Professor Anderson, but Krugman is not a Nobel winner."

According to Wiki he won the Nobel
Prize in Economics:

Prof J said...

Why do people confuse classical liberals with conservatives? Liberty is neither left-wing nor right-wing, because both "wings" are statists. True liberals believe in liberty. So to anyone who says Prof. Anderson or any other classical liberal or libertarian is "right-wing": you betray your ignorance of liberty and compromise your ability to critique our arguments.

burkll13 said...

NYT says Nobel also.

The way i understand it, 'Sveriges Riksbank' are the ones who give out the nobel. saying he didnt win it is like saying Cam Newton didnt win the heisman trophy, he won the award the Heisman committee decides.

Anonymous said...

The Nobel Prize in Physics, Chemistry, Biology,.etc is given out by an organization started by Alfred Nobel.

The Sveriges Riksbank gives a prize "in memory of Alfred Nobel". None of this was approved by the Nobel family or the actual Nobel committee, because economics is not a science. It's a social study.

Now, all I say is that the Riksbank is a very silly organization by itself, with a history of awarding prizes to its own members. So it should not be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

you can embed the video directly from youtube by copying the embed link then pasting the embed link into your post. embed link is located next to 'Share' option under the video.

it's as easy as copying and pasting.