Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our "Point" Fundraising Efforts

At the top of this blog, you see the icon for The Point, which is an effort on our part to raise $5,000 by Monday, January 31, in pursuit of our adoption of a girl from Latvia. If we don't reach our goal, then we receive none of what has been pledged.

This is not part of an on-going campaign. We intend to finance most of the $30,000 needed ourselves, mostly by cutting way back on spending and by my picking up extra work on the side. Nonetheless, we are about $2,400 from our goal and hope that anyone who wishes to pledge will do so.



jgo said...

Please, adopt a girl from Sopchoppy or Dundas or Massapequa or Poway, instead.

burkll13 said...

seriously, why the hell are people so down on foreign adoption? do americans produce better orphans? or do you have something against latvians? why is this little girl any less deserving of a stable home than an american orphan?