Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Krugman Chutzpah

In one of his blog posts today, Paul Krugman decries what he believes is Republican double-dealing on Medicare. Now, I hardly want to get involved in a food fight between Republicans and Democrats on Medicare payments.

What is interesting, however, is Krugman's last statement:

You almost have to admire the audacity: Republicans are denouncing Obama for proposing Medicare cuts, while themselves proposing much deeper Medicare cuts. And they’re getting away with it.
Now, this is the same Paul Krugman who has constantly decried the 1981 income tax rates that were done in the first year of the Ronald Reagan administration. And, yes, when I asked him during the Q&A of a session at the 2004 Southern Economic Association meetings in New Orleans if he supported the 70 percent rates that stood before they were cut to 50 percent, he said (to a roomful of economists), "Oh, no! Those rates were insane!"

And who now is getting away with what?

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