Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Whoops! Bad Question! Krugman and Medical Care in Canada

I don't think that Paul Krugman expected the response he received when he asked a number of Canadians if they believed they had a bad medical system. (As you know, Krugman has declared that any negative stories about care in Canada are lies. Guess he must be in a room full of liars.)


Unknown said...

It isn't a question of whether or not people "like" their healthcare system. It's easy for people to like a service when it appears to be "free" on the surface. Polls in the UK consistently show that the vast majority of people there "like" the NHS, but this says nothing about the institution's performance, efficiency and economic viability (all of which are negligible).

Max said...

@Hard: I concur. And I add this: It is mostly the healthy that perceive the system as functioning (and they are the majority), because they never have to go into costly, expensive and life-and-death medical care. It is for those unlucky souls that the socialist system breaksdown and puts into a state of hardship and suffering that is the equivalent of sucking all hope out of them.

Of course, they are the minority, but to me, they are the important minority. More so than people who want free pills over the counter, because it is "better".