Saturday, February 27, 2010

Healthcare Q&A on Back Burner -- Apologies

I know that I have promised to address the healthcare questions straight on, but right now I admit that is on the back burner, as much as I wish it were not. First, I have to write a paper to present at the Austrian Scholars Conference in less than two weeks, and, second, I am writing the Fifth-Year Maintenance Accreditation Report for the Frostburg State College of Business for AACSB. (Yeah, they are paying me for it, and I think my employer wants something from me.)

However, I have not forgotten the healthcare issues and I think I will put my article into a Q&A format. If any of you have any suggestions on what form would be best, let me know. I do appreciate the comments and the debate that goes on, as that was one of the goals I had for this blog.

Oh, and I am a happy camper. My alma mater, the University of Tennessee, beat Kentucky today, 74-65. Granted, we will not beat UK in either the SEC or NCAA tournament, and I would not be surprised to see UK make the Final Four. Nonetheless, I like beating the Cats, even if it is in a regular-season game!


Unknown said...

could you address the CBO "estimates" including their history of 'accuracy'?

William L. Anderson said...

I don't know, and all I can say is that you have given me a GREAT idea for a paper topic! (Granted, I really should start writing the paper I have to present next week at the Austrian Scholars Conference in Auburn. Yeah, I tend to be worse than some of my students in that department.)

I will try to find an answer to your question, Michael, as (1) it is one of those obvious questions we need to ask, and (2) one would be curious about the CBO methodology, whether they predict well -- or not!