Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Most Bizarro Health "Reform" Arugment: ObamaCare Will Cut the Deficit

Is Paul Krugman an economist or a political operative? Seven years ago, I said it was the latter, and nothing Krugman has written since then has changed that opinion. In this blog post, Krugman once again exposes himself as the politically-partisan shill that he has become.

Now, I will say that some of what he says is useful, at least if one is moved by the delusion that the Republicans actually have a decent answer in this healthcare debate. Krugman notes that
...(Republicans) have a problem: Obamacare is very much like the Massachusetts health reform, which was not only implemented by a Republican governor, but by a governor who is a serious contender for the 2012 presidential nomination.
Unfortunately, he quickly breaks from reality with the following statement:
So they insist that the two plans have nothing in common — but the only real difference they can point to is that Massachusetts didn’t fund its plan in part out of Medicare savings.

Of course, it couldn’t. But think about this a bit more: Republicans are saying that what makes Obamacare a socialist takeover, whereas Romneycare wasn’t, is the fact that unlike Romney’s plan, Obama’s plan cuts government spending.

Uh, does Krugman really believe that this plan is going to provide any Medicare "savings" at all? Or that the Obama monstrosity "cuts government spending"? Now, Krugman was all over the proposals from the Bush administration that promised fictitious results, but now that his candidate is in the Oval Office, suddenly the nonsense that is ObamaCare presents the truth and only but the truth.

Anyone who claims that price controls are going to "cut" government spending is not an economist, as real economists understand the price system, how it works, and what happens when government intervenes into market exchanges. That someone of Krugman's stature would spend his political capital on a bogus mess called ObamaCare tells me that the guy is a political operative and nothing else.


WOLF said...

Health Care Reform Communist Style
Allow me to review the most basic parameters surrounding so-called 'Health Care Reform' in America. What we are about to be saddled with, if this nightmare legislation passes into law, is a huge leap forward in totalitarian control and domination over our lives, coupled with a precipitous degradation in the quality and expediency of treatment received, and all of it delivered at tremendous cost and loss of Constitution guaranteed liberties. When the government FORCES you to buy "health" insurance, even if they tell you that the already overburdened U.S. taxpayers will subsidize the poor and unemployed (and for a time at least, illegal aliens), we are no longer living in a free republic, but rather have transitioned into a communist system.
We have a foreign national who is fraudulently posing as President of the United States, ramrod-ed into office by the Illuminated Rockefeller empire (the very architects of communism in the 20th century), telling us how much "better" things are going to be for the poor and disenfranchised here in America when they pass their wonderful health care reform bill. Well, things aren't going to be "better" for those of us who still cherish freedom and the desire to decide for ourselves what "health care" we want, and from whom we want it.

For starters, there is no "reform" taking place because there was never a health recovery system in place. America's medical care was overtaken by the pharmaceutical/allopathic medical industry at the beginning of the twentieth century and has been tightly clutched within their talons ever since. People don't recover their "health" from orthodox allopathic medicine, they acquire disease symptom management, a huge difference. It's a racket and their partners in crime have been the "health" insurance industry for the past 50 or 60 years. You don't NEED either of them and you certainly shouldn't be forced to pay protection money (called vigorish or 'vig' by mafia enforcers) to subsidize their racket or engorge a new army of government bureaucrats to help oversee the robbery and the corruptive influence that is sure to follow.


WOLF said...

Health Care Reform Bill that will Bankrupt America
The great lumbering health care reform gears are in motion in Washington D.C., and the Big Government machine is spitting out a new recipe for the bankruptcy of America: A "health care reform" bill that pleases all the special interest groups and pharmaceutical companies but does nothing to improve the health of ordinary Americans.

Health care reform in Washington today isn't about health, or reform. It's about mandating monopoly-priced western medicine for the masses. It's about fining people who wisely opt out of the criminally-operated health insurance industry, and it's designed to keep the American people sick and diseased while emptying their pockets of any remaining earnings they might have somehow squirreled away during the ongoing financial / real estate crash.

For starters, this Senate health reform bill would financially penalize people who take care of their own health and choose not to hand over $1,000 or month (or more) to a corrupt, criminally-operated health insurance system. This is a bill that actually punishes people for staying healthy! At the same time, it just happens to expand the monopoly of western medicine to encompass the entire U.S. population, criminalizing those who have opted out of the failed health care system.

The other joke in this health care reform is the idea of a new government-run health plan, which is being hilariously presented as a way to "drive down costs."

Since when has Big Government ever been able to drive down the costs of anything? It was Big Government, under the Bush administration, which actually made it illegal for government to negotiate price discounts with drug companies, locking in monopoly prices that filled the coffers of Big Pharma while bankrupting the taxpayers.

Even now, the FDA (under the Obama administration) continues its outright war against the natural products industry, censoring truthful information about the health benefits of dietary supplements in a tyrannical effort to eliminate Big Pharma's competition. This has the effect of eliminating choice for consumers, ultimately driving up monopoly health care costs under the system of western medicine that (laughingly) claims to provide health care today.

WOLF said...

How the American Medical Association Got Rich
The "AMA Seal of Approval" on drugs and food becomes a legal form of bribery.

The following is an excerpt from "The Homeopathic Revolution: Why Famous People and Cultural Heroes Choose Homeopathy" (Berkeley: North Atlantic Books, 2007) by Dana Ullman, MPH.

History reveals that the AMA was dictatorially led for the first half of the twentieth century by George H. Simmons, MD (1852-1937) and his protégé©, Morris Fishbein, MD (1889-1976). Simmons and Fishbein both served as general manager of the organization and as editor of its journal, the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). While these two leaders provided substantial benefit to the organization and to medical doctors, their methods of doing so have been severely criticized, with some historians referring to them as "medical Mussolinis”.

Morris Fishbein - AMA Enemy Of American Health
Dr. Morris Fishbein (1889-1976) originally studied to be a clown. Realizing he could make more money as a doctor, he entered medical school (where he failed anatomy), then barely graduated. He never treated a patient in his life.

WOLF said...

“Psychoanalysis” is pejoratively known as the subversive “Jewish Science”. IS PSYCHIATRY SCIENTIFIC AND DANGEROUS? YES!
Dr. James Howenstine, MD.: When you look below the surface at the specialty of psychiatry, what you uncover is so ludicrous it is difficult to believe that it is really true. Prominent psychiatrists from all over the world gather annually for a meeting at which new diseases are invented. There are no objective findings that establish the diagnosis of these diseases. These new diseases are included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Diseases. Potential new diseases are discussed at these meetings and new diseases are voted in or out by a show of hands.[1] Among the new diseases are social anxiety disorder (everyone who is uncomfortable in a social setting has this disease) and mathematics disease (anyone who has struggled over a math problem has this disease). Gender identity disorder, passive-aggressive disorder, disorder of written expression and sexual disorder are other examples of invented diseases that will follow the individuals tagged with these ridiculous diagnoses the remainder of their lives. Naturally, all these phony diseases have a psychoactive drug, which supposedly ameliorates this disease.

WOLF said...

I G Farben International Cartel (Poison For Profit)


A Short Curriculum Vitae of IG Farben
I.G. Farbenindustrie, A. G.
I.G. - The Vials of Wrath
The Empire of I.G. Farben
The GW Bush Gang - IG Farben 2001
The History of the "Business With Disease"
Wall Street and the Nazi Inner Circle

Free Market said...

Wolf, You make some great points. Taking charge of your health is the best way to stay healthy, and if we continue to depend on drug companies for all of our treatments, costs will remain high and never come down.